Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

left and right

When I have mastered the ability to use both arms interchangeably; when I can control each arm separately and perform different movements at the same time, as a piano player can; when I can unify my movements so that I can paint consistently at a very high rate of speed on a very spontanous, natural, spiritual level; then perhaps I will have exhausted the possibilities of the kind of "body-involvement" painting I am currently involved in.

For me it has an interesting feeling of conflict. The left hand fights to be as controlled as the right.
The right hand fights the left to make all the important judgements of line. The two hands are constantly trying to work together, but because they are so distinctly different, they tend to struggle with each other to find common ground, to find unity / consistency.

Keith Haring

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Wo noch? ;)
Wo noch? ;)
zwitscherbirdie - 18. Sep, 20:26
Ballermann goes everywhere
Ballermann goes everywhere
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"Das geht ab!"
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Ballermann goes Rhein (Ton: *klickaufsbild*) 31.08.2 013...
zwitscherbirdie - 6. Sep, 19:24
Stop 'n' Go
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